Online Courses

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Flexible, online courses, led in real-time

Online courses offer flexible access to instructional materials (e.g., demonstration videos and handouts), which are combined with real-time video classes and feedback. 




Students are divided into a Lower and Upper Academy, roughly 1st & 2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade. 


$40 per student, plus supplies. Sessions run in 5 week segments.


Every week students:

  • Study a historic art-work, draw it, and post their reactions to it
  • Follow a video-lesson that introduces a concept and then gives a demonstration. These build on each other so that by the end of the project students have 1 final project. 
  • Meet via video conference with the teacher and/or group and present their artwork and are able to ask questions in real-time. 

Available Courses: 

NEXT SESSION BEGINS FEBRUARY 26th, with a Spring break the final week in March. 

Available Classes

Upcoming Course: 

Artist, Scientist, Explorer. 

Students learn about Jon Audubon, who was an Artist & Explorer. They learn how he categorized all the birds in North America in a treatise of watercolor paintings called Birds of America. Audubon discovered 25 new species and 12 new subspecies. 

Students will learn drawing skills as they draw their own animal figurines &  a background, then create a block print from their drawing.