Tempest NeuCollins

This collection is from a series called 'Osmosis' and is comprised of manipulated photographs from 2007. 

My love of photography began by manipulating negatives with my father's old darkroom equipment, cramped into my family's small downstairs bathroom. In college, I began taking photos at night; loving how the shadows played a sort of hide-and-seek with details. My earlier images , were done with medium format film, with real (large and heavy) lights laboriously set up to capture movement and detail. But, I went to school right when analog was switching over to digital, so by the end of of my studies, I was happily shooting digitally and manipulating them quite heavily in Photoshop.

From Osmosis onwards, my 'negatives' were shot during the day, imported to Photoshop, and reduced down to a near black. I would then 'paint' the light back into them, and finally collage in elements such as sky and people. Osmosis was shot around Portland, Oregon and comprised my undergraduate thesis.