Art Lessons

I am an experienced educator, offering private/small group and public art classes, primarily (although not exclusively!) to children, in Ann Arbor, MI.

Next session begins the week of January 8th, and the schedule will be determined mid-December.


I have a MFA in studio arts from the School of Visual Arts. After receiving my degree I spent years working as a teaching artist in NYC, then transitioned into teaching art full time at a K-5 school (also in NYC). In 2015 I founded, and currently run, an art-education non-profit called Doodles Academy that empowers educators to bring a high-quality art curriculum into their classroom, regardless of their background in the arts. You can find more on my linked in page. 


My philosophy in teaching embraces the individual child, their ideas, experiences, and interests. I teach skills and structure projects, but always design projects so that my students can adapt it and make it their own. Thus, even when working off of the same lesson students will come away with completely unique works of art.



Where to find Public Classes: 

I currently teach public classes at the downtown YMCA (under Doodles Academy). 

Details on Private  or Small Group Classes: 

Content: The private lessons that I do scaffold skills – so I start with some basic drawing skills, moving into more complex ones, and then begin introducing texture, form, color, composition, etc. 

The content of the lessons, media choices, and projects really depend on the kids, how large of a group it is, and their interests. With some kids, particularly older ones, and particularly in small groups, I may focus on introducing a concept or technique, showing them how different artists have adapted that technique, and then supporting them as they design their own project. 

With other kids, or larger groups of students, they may need a little more framework to feel comfortable, in which case I'll structure the project a bit more, but always with the intent of the students taking an idea and putting their own spin on it. Each child walks away with an artwork that is unique to them. 

Scheduling: Classes run in six week sessions. When determining availability, returning students are prioritized, as are groups.

Location: For private lessons, I teach at my students’ homes. We'll need a quiet location with good lighting, a sturdy table with adequate work space, and access to a sink.

Cost: I charge a $35 for a one hour lesson, and each additional student it is $10. I encourage families to create a small group of kids to reduce lesson costs, and I preference groups when scheduling–in fact, I welcome as many kids as your space will comfortably accommodate! If you don't have a group but would like to join one, please let me know when you contact me, as well as if you could be a host. Sometimes I am able to play 'matchmaker'. 

Supplies: Each student purchases a supply-kit at the beginning of our sessions that they are responsible for taking care of and maintaining. However, I supply any items that aren’t included in that basic supply kit (such as painting paper or canvases, specialty paints that we want to explore, etc.). The supply kits can vary depending on the length of time we will spend together, as well as the media that we will be focusing on. However, here is the supply list I send out to groups of up to 3 students who will be working with me over the course of a year. 

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