Tempest NeuCollins

Teaching Experience & Philosophy

Credentials: I have a MFA in studio arts from the School of Visual Arts. After receiving my degree I spent years working as a teaching artist in NYC, then transitioned into teaching art full time at a K-5 school (also in NYC). In 2015 I founded, and currently run, an art-education non-profit called Doodles Academy that empowers educators to bring a high-quality art curriculum into their classroom, regardless of their background in the arts. You can find more on my linked in page. 

Philosophy: My philosophy in teaching embraces the individual child, their ideas, experiences, and interests. I teach skills and structure projects, but always design projects so that my students can adapt it and make it their own. Thus, even when working off of the same lesson students will come away with completely unique works of art.


Current Classes:

  1. Private Art Instructor in Ann Arbor (details below, Fall sessions begin in September).


My daughter was fortunate enough to be taught by Tempest for two years. I was a little bit worried about it when we started because my daughter doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do when it comes to her drawing style, however Tempest is amazing with kids and provides an environment that celebrates each kid’s individuality in addition to being a consistent and compassionate mentor. Don’t miss an opportunity to benefit from any classes she has to offer!
— Kara Bloom

Private  or Small Group Classes in Ann Arbor: 

Content: Projects are structured with the intent of the students taking an idea and putting their own spin on it. Each child walks away with an artwork that is unique to them. A scope and sequence will be provided to families upon registration. 

Scheduling: Classes run in six week sessions. When determining availability, returning students are prioritized, as are groups.

Location: For private lessons, I teach at my students’ homes. We'll need a quiet location with good lighting, a sturdy table with adequate work space, and access to a sink.


Base cost is $50 per one hour lesson, which includes up to four students.

Each additional student is $10. 

Families: After the first four students, Siblings are $10 for the first child, $5 per additional siblings.

I encourage families to create a small group of kids to reduce lesson costs, and I preference groups when scheduling–in fact, I welcome as many kids as your space will comfortably accommodate, and will cap the cost at $100 per lesson.

If you don't have a group but would like to join one, please let me know when you contact me, as well as if you could be a host. Sometimes I am able to play 'matchmaker'. 

Supplies: Each student purchases their own supplies according to a provided list. 

I provide a sketchbook for every student I work with, as well as any materials that aren't available from a standard art supply store (e.g., still life objects, etc.) 

The supply kits can vary depending on the length of time we will spend together, as well as the media that we will be focusing on. For students signing up for six week sessions, they will receive supply lists specific to each project. However, here is the supply list I recommend for establishing a well-stocked art studio for the entire year (up to four students). If you plan on continuing with the classes, it is sometimes less costly to buy the supplies upfront and simply replace things as needed. 

Inquire about Classes: 

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