Open Studios

April 29 through May 1, 2010. The Reception will be held April 29, from 5-9PM. This semester has been quite turbulent for me--Since graduating from PNCA, I've been struggling to 'find myself' artistically. I was feeling as though I had to find a way to do art in a more direct manner. Photography was a bit too removed from the materials; I yearned to CREATE something with my hands. Over the past year, this has taken on multiple forms, from stop-motion animation to small moquettes that I would then photograph.

Fairly recently, I rediscovered drawing. At this moment, I have cast aside photography and been focused on developing this new-found interest. And, so, at open studios the primary focus will be on the drawings. Those of you that show up will get a sneak peek, of sorts.

Hope to see you there!