Review: Dawn Clements

I reviewed Dawn Clements work on Duckrabbit Digital's blog. Excerpt below. The entire post can be found here. Happy reading! "Dawn Clements’ large drawings bear the scars of her process. Wrinkled, torn, and dirty, they mark an artist who physically throws herself into her work by kneeling on paper, dragging it across the room to a better perspective, and unceremoniously folding it to access the center. The completed drawings are never framed, but hung raw; thin, white, crumpled paper with surprisingly intimate ink renderings covering the surface. Concurrent to Clements’ process, the viewer has to physically maneuver the drawing, crouching and craning in turn. Thus, the works become as much sculpture as drawing in their physicality. But what makes Clements’ work endlessly fascinating is the way that it envelopes the viewer into her world. In J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey, Franny becomes obsessed with a religious mantra. This mantra, when performed constantly, will allegedly incite religious feeling in the reciter. Similarly, when a viewer of Clements’ work becomes suitable absorbed in the details, she begins to experience the piece not as a viewer, but as the artist. The participation is no longer rote, but instead, active. ... "