Art Bridge

One of the problems with large work is getting it places. I was notified that I was to be included in 'ArtBridge's' Fall 2011 exhibition, and they needed Iowa III to photograph it. As I don't have a car and the piece is 5x7ft, it was no easy task getting it from Brooklyn to Manhatten. Thanks to some careful rolling and a patient husband, we made it ok, despite trains and rush hour and countless jokes revolving around the theme of stuffing pot into the paper and making a large joint (hardy har!). Anyway, I'm pretty excited to be involved with them. They take artists' work, photograph it, and then blow it up to 20ft long banners to decorate scaffolding or other construction eyesores. This particular project is a collection of 20 artists called, 'Works in Progress'. It goes up in Downtown Brooklyn sometime in October. I'll update my website once I know more details.